Maxgrow Corporation

We are the leading Manufacturer of Chequered Plate, Chequered Sheet, Slip free Sheet, Antiskid Sheet, Tear pattern Sheet, Diamond plate, Tread plate, Checker Plate.

  • Stainless Steel Chequered plate .
  • Mild Steel Chequered plate .
  • Carbon Steel Chequered plate .

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About Us

We are the largest Manufacturer of Chequered Plate. These Plates are lightweight metal stock with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines on one side, also known as Chequer Plate, Diamond Plate, Tread Plate, and Embossed Tread Plate.

Maxgrow Corporation aims to supply customers with a wide range of Sheets and Plate products like Chequered Plates, Chequered Sheets, Diamonds Plate, Embossed Tread plates, Slip Free Sheet, Checker Plate, Tear Pattern Sheet; Antiskid Plate are all available from us. The thickness of our checker plate ranges from 2 to 22 mm, with length and width ranging from 250 to 4000 mm.

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Why Choose Us


Quality Promise

Our foremost priority is quality. Because of our dedicated people and solid infrastructure, we can maintain high-quality standards. We ensure that the materials we utilize in our products are of the greatest possible quality.

Third Party Inspection

Our professional team ensures that the products' quality is maintained and monitored. Test certifications and reports are attached to every product.


24 x 7 Customer Support

Build strong customer relationships, which we achieve by employing and developing local workers.

On-Time Delivery

Customers come first at Maxgrow Corporation, regardless of their Sheets or other accessible product specifications. We guarantee top-notch quality and on-time delivery of all orders.

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Services We Provide

Our Vision
Our goal is to continuously expand our development capabilities and improve our manufacturing efficiency in order to keep up with the rapidly expanding demand for Chequered Plates on a global scale and to keep ourselves at the top of the market.
Our Mission
To deliver premium quality Chequered Plates, related services, and solutions to a global customer base while utilizing cutting-edge technology in a work environment, where motivated staff members are focused on continual improvement, the company's high standards, work ethics, and responsible business practices, resulting in a value that is added for our customers.
Customer Support
Our first aim is to maintain adequate and welcoming customer service, which gives us the most flexibility in meeting every customer requirement. Most of our customers have been doing business with us for many years, which speaks highly of our customer satisfaction ratings.

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